FURVER biolumen explores a future of biocommunication and augmented personal space in a telegestural format. Inspired by sea anemones and their bio-luminescent displays, animated tentacles entice prey as well as offer protection by clearly defining personal space and even sterilization of territory with Ultra Violet (UV) light.

How it works:
FURVER bio.lumen is a personal space protector fur. Tentacles extend from the Ultraviolet (UV) light pods and illuminate with interaction. Then, phosphorescent light buds glow after as a gestural shadow to show interaction.

The tentacles are one meter long forĀ personal space definition. When touched, theĀ UV light illuminates and it sterilizes bacteria, keeping the personal space germ-free.

Also, as an added bonus, the copper mesh is form of armor as it shields the body from ElectroMagneticFrequencies (EMFs) – wireless noise.