SENSOREEs therapeutic biomedia is bioresponsive design for extimacy – externalized intimacy.  SENSOREEs wearables monitor physiological states and translate feelings into auditory, visual, and or tactile displays. The tangible interface offers biofeedback as well as expression to promote awareness and empathy. SENSOREE gives the body a voice, with fundamental emotive language.

SENSOREE began as Future Speculation for Healthcare from Master Thesis design research to augment Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition which ranges from ADHD to autism. The system is a feedback loop for behavior change and is applicable to many caregiver patient relationships. With global enthusiasm, we have presented works at technology and healthcare conferences, in fashion shows, museums, and future visionary platforms.  Thank you!

The next care to be taken, in respect of the Senses, is a supplying of their infirmities with Instruments, and as it were, the adding of artificial Organs to the natural… and as Glasses have highly promoted our seeing, so ‘tis not improbable, but that there may be found many mechanical inventions to improve our other senses of hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. ~ Robert Hooke. 1665

The body reveals what words cannot. ~ Martha Graham

All ideas, all mental images, all emotions reveal themselves physically. ~ Augusto Boal

He who looks outside dreams. He who looks within awakens. ~ Jung

Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone – and the knowledge that’s OK with them. ~ Alain de Botton

 The future is intimate. We want to be closer to ourselves. ~ Kristin Neidlinger 

profileKristin Neidlinger – Biomedia designer. Founder of SENSOREE – designs therapeutic biomedia, bio-responsive fashion to promote extimacy, externalized intimacy. With a background in dance, design, and in physical therapies as a Dance Medicine Specialist​, she endeavors to craft phenomenal technology to enhance and expand physical embodiment.​

SENSOREE Therapeutic Biomedia stemmed from her masters thesis, a future speculation of healthcare to augment Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition which ranges from ADHD to autism. She is honored to have presented works at technology and healthcare conferences, in fashion shows, museums, and future visionary platforms. She has been featured as Keynote Maker at Tribeca Film Festival, with performances at TEDMED, Connected Health Symposium.



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