SENSOREE has landed in San Francisco for After Dark: Wearable Technologies at the Exploratorium. We were greeted by a sold out crowd of 2000. This was an amazingly curated showcase of wearable tech, therapeutic tech, and fashion that combines all aspects (us!).


The Mood Sweater duo and the NEUROTiQ take the runway.


Photos by Gayle Laird
© Exploratorium,

Since our early ancestors first donned clothes, humans have continued to modify the ways our bodies engage with the world. Join us to experience some of the fascinating and beautiful new technologies helping us transcend our physical limitations, from eyeglasses to exoskeletons.

Learn how wearable computers could improve communication and attention with Google Glass Lead Thad Starner. Find out how Not Impossible Labs founder Mick Ebeling established a 3D-printed prosthetics lab in South Sudan. See an Ekso Bionics exoskeleton in action, and join filmmaker Regan Bashear for a screening of her documentary Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement.*

Take in a performance by Jordan B. Wilson, One-Man Band, and discover electronically enhanced couture by Electrobaroque, Mikaela Holmes, PersonaLED, Pixeldelic, SENSOREE, and Natalie Walsh. Experiment with altered vision, examine the intricacies of your own clothes, and sew circuits into your own illuminated designs with Grace Kim and Emily Lovell. Wear your curiosity well at After Dark.

via The Exploratorium

SENSOREE Mood Sweaters Photo by Elena Kulikova


SENSOREEs NEUROTiQ  brain visualizer warming up backstage.