The craze of barefoot running gets even more bare!

Bare feet are ideal for balance, coordination, and sensory awareness.  Designer Frieke Severs has recently developed “Footstickers” that give you all the benefits of being barefoot, but with a second skin for traction and protection. A 3d scan personalizes the fit to the sport and structure of the foot and an adhesive (based on the proteins of a blue mussel) keeps them in place while you sweat. These stickers are like magic callouses. They are pretty, colored, textured and you wont need that pumice stone anymore.

The three designs are for women.

  • White: Yoga  low surface covering – high traction
  • Orange: Combat Cardio  high surface covering – medium traction – heel cap(jump protection)
  • Purple: Dance   medium surface covering – low traction – side surface(drag protection)

Footstickers are an Independent graduation project at Nike EMEA.

source: Footstickers – Independent graduation at Nike EMEA [Behance]