It was very fun to lead our Interactive Inflatables – Amplifying Human Behaviors studio workshop @ TEI Stanford 2015 !

The Interactive Inflatables studio consists of participants creating inflatables structures that respond to spacial and biological sensors. The studio is organized in stages and will involve an introduction of materials and media, concept generation, hands on making within partners, and a display of new tangible embedded and embodied interfaces for sensory inflation.

Organizers: Kristin Neidlinger and Edwin Dertien
Format: One-day Studio
Date: Friday, 16 January, 2015


Thank you to the students for their great ideas! Here they are hard at work. Also, here are a few student projects.

The inflatable punch!IMG_7509

Bunny ears that stand up with heightened brain activity are combined with the Shy inflatable that responds to when you are embarrassed and want to hide.

Nice work!

More photos here.