p67296The talk Expressive Technology – Embedded emotions, bioresponsive fashion was delivered by Kristin Neidlinger at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, the national theater of Russia on October 4, 2016. Here she shared how she is tracking the head and heart rhythms to align with the aid of technology.

Sensoree Therapeutic Biomedia monitors the body systems and translates the rhythms into visual and tactile displays. It is expressive technology designed to give the body a voice.


p67323 The audience had amazing insights, questions, and even bow ties!p67314 15207976_10154638075032332_196977556_n15218454_10154638077497332_1088977537_n
Alexandrinsky Theatre and New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre.

It was an honor to contribute the wearable expressive light techniques for emotions to the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE LIGHTING DESIGN – 2016. Thank you ITMO University for the invitation. Let us work together in the future.

Let us talk all about the universal language of light. This conference did just that. Light for architecture, healthcare, and even wearable technology, all curated from talents across the globe.

p67601Here Kristin is part of a round table discussion Art and Science: communication strategy in culture. 


For the keynote, Kristin delivers a talk on Expressive Technology: animating the body with visual and tactile displays. Here she focused on emotional lighting techniques illuminating body sensations. This extimacy is a new form of biofeedback and communication, showing how you feel on the inside to the outside world. Pictured is the GER Mood Sweater running around the globe. Many cultures have embraced this language of light inspired by the body. p67527 4g4a2002-1It is alway good to put theory into practice. Here, Kristin leads a workshop Secrets of Smart Textiles: creating light with digital technology. We sewed a light circuit with a body triggered button. It was a success. Everyone glowed. Let us create the future together!


Photos credited from the conference