Thank you Lynne Bruning for hosting eTextile Showcase and Lounge at Makers Faire 2011. Here is the latest version of our new design, the InflataCorset – a heart rate sensor inflatable vest that inflates when the heart rate gets to the excited, panic state. Then, the pressure of the inflatable calms the nervous system and the heart rate returns to a resting rate. The design is based on research to augment sensory processing disorder – which ranges from ADHD to Autism.

* this inflata prototype takes 20 seconds to inflate after the wearer’s heart gets to the startled state. It is made from a hacked blood pressure sensor air pump, a wireless heart rate sensor, and recycled plastic packaging with mylar.

Modeled by Stefanie.

top photo in the eTextile Lounge.
bottom photo in the eTextile Showcase.