Neri Oxman - MIT
Neri Oxman of the MIT Mediated Matter Group – check out the press photos MIT is putting out these days. Engineers rock!

“Join us as Neri discusses her pioneering work at the technological forefront of design and explores the material intersection between architecture, engineering, computation, and ecology. Inspired by nature, her research seeks to integrate morphology, behavior, material and structure by combining computational form-finding strategies with biologically inspired fabrication technologies.”

“The lecture will begin at 6PM on Monday, October 4th in the atrium in building 550 at Stanford University.”

From the description on MIT’s Mediated Matter website:
“The group is particularly concerned with the development and application of novel technologies that enable and support the design of physical matter and its adaptability to environmental conditions in the creation of form. This enables mediating synergies between object and environment; between human and object; and between human and environment.”