Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 12.19.26 AM Hello Argentina! The Mood Sweater is on currently on exhibit with Futurotextiles 3 at Tecnópolis, Argentina.  14698870961_df21e65905_z 14515362228_50ed9255bc_z

20 de Julio de 2014. Futurotextiles. Fotos: Gabriela Valle/Tecnópolis

Futurotextiles is a pioneering exhibition initiated in France in 2006 by lille3000. It associates sciences, technology, design, fashion and art through the central theme of innovative textiles in fields as diverse as clothing, transport, sports, housing, architecture, geotextiles, medicine, wellness and protection.

More than 640,000 visitors have already discovered Futurotextiles worldwide in the cities of Lille, Istanbul, Bangkok, Prato, Barcelona, Shanghai, Paris and Bucharest. The originality of this exhibition lies in an unusual association of the art of design and highly technical industrial products. Constantly updated, Futurotextiles in now its 3rd edition. This prototype exhibition invites the visitor to discover the world of textiles and to take in its incredible diversity, which ranges from fibre weave and knitwear to composites and nonwovens. The aim is also to show that today textiles are becoming technical, innovative and intelligent. It embarks visitors on an artistic journey that is both playful and poetic and one of whose recurring themes is ultra-lightness. Incredible materials, microencapsulated lace and magic textiles are at the heart of the exhibition. You will be able to juggle clouds, discover unusual fabrics (derived from coffee, basalt or milk casein), or stroll among incredible inventions and surprising objects from France, Europe and Argentina.