DIGITAL FANCIES: Bioresponsive E-Textiles and 3D Printing in Fashion

Experience the future of digital fashion delectables by
Sensoree : ModeClix : Digital Interlooping : OurOwnSkin : Digits2Widgets : E-Stitches

E-Stitches featured designers Rachel Freire & Melissa Coleman, Bushra Burge, Maartje Dijkstra, Irene Posch & Ebru Kurbak and Rain Ashford

Meet the designers!

Special opening event with food and drinks: Friday 15th, June, from 6pm – 10pm onwards. Order tickets here.

All day exhibition: Saturday 16th, June, 10am to 5pm. Free Entry. SPECIAL EVENT: Sign up for  Extimacy Mood Experience here. This is a 30-minute tour for groups of 3 to don the Mood Sweater and experience the exhibit. Show how you feel as you witness bleeding edge future fashions!

June 16th Sign up for the Extimacy Mood Experience at Digital Fancies pop up exhibit. Ephemeral emotions are captured by translating bio-signals to a palette of led lights in a wearable soft-interface collar of the Mood Sweater design. Three people will be guided through the Digital Fancies exhibit and witness future relics, the bleeding edge of expressive textile body interfaces all collected under one roof for London Tech Week. This is a 30-minute tour for groups of 3. Please select a time first and then order your ticket. See how you feel about the future of fashion. #digifancies #sensoree #fashiontech #etextiles #3dprint #bzzz #glow #emotion #fashion #exhibition

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Event location

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61-63 Rochester Place
London NW1 (JU

Featured at London Tech week, you are invited to wear the Sensoree Mood Sweater bioresponsive fashion and experience a taste of the future of fabrics!


7t0B7aqYOrganized by Digits2Widgets and Sensoree as part of London Tech Week.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone interested in understanding the present and immediate future applications of technology to fashion and is inspired by Digital Fancies!

Maartje Dijkstra’s hand crafted 3D print jewelry will be on exhibit at @digital.fancies Optic Traces- A jewellery and small bag collections that combines couture with manual 3D printing technology. Fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra developed the therm -manual 3D printing; using a 3D printer-pen as progressive tool to construct illustrative lines, structures and surfaces. A big inspiration within developing and creating this spherical and bold collection are influences and details from the Baroque period, dead nature like ivory and dark, melancholic, industrial music. The unique pieces are all totally shaped out of manual 3D printed flexible elements that contain traces of different structures like squared mirrored surfaces,old baroque details and golden fragments. The special printed crystals in between form traces of simmering light and will break the light into different eagles when wearing it. The jewellery collection contains many different products like earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all made in black, white, ice blue and red. Thank you! @maartjedijkstra #digifancies #3dprinting #fashiontech #jewelry #future #ltw #3dprint

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See you there!