Conductive make-up, magnetic finger nails, a blink controller that levitates objects with blinking? Take off my Google Glass and paint it on me!

Katia Vega, a Beauty Tech Designer, has created these intimate projects that affix to the body. I was fortunate to meet up with her on her trip to San Francisco for Makers Fair Bay Area.

Katia lives in Rio and explained the inspiration to adorn technology came from the culture, “One can not use their cell phone in public, like they do all the time in Hong Kong or the US. If you have it in your hands, it will get stolen.” So, she makes these body interfaces that are discreet and you can still use your smart technology, like perhaps even GPS, but on your body.¬†Brilliant.

Wearable technology should be this fun, and give you superhero powers. Here are a few projects:

With RFIDs in these finger nails, the combination of gestures are like keyboard commands.

Here is blink control. Muscles of the face control the interface, like levitating objects or sequencing lights.


The opportunities are fantastic! Find out more at