What? SENSOREE therapeutic bio.media makes models cry? I know I know, we were surprised too. We thought it made people want to hit you, and want to fall in love, like at Siggraph 2010. Well, sometimes therapy makes you cry. A lot of people do cry in therapy…right?

SENSOREEs first fashion runway show was at FashionWare for CES 2012 and yes, my model was freaked out by electronics. “Stand back, I don’t want to electrify anyone!” she exclaimed. I was panicked with images of her exploding into flames, but I knew that was impossible. Right? But she felt like the electronics were shocking her. It was actually the fiber optics in the FURver brushing her skin. All was fine, except she wasn’t. Eeks. So, we switched designs to the Mood Sweater, which is actually very cozy fleece, and she started bawling. Yes, as you might have guessed, the Mood Sweater was bright pink [excited, nervous] for her whole showcase, which lasted 2 minutes on the runway.

Her reaction was understandable. The fashions produced by SENSOREE react to ourselves as no other clothing does. That means that we will also be reacting to our clothing.  This closed loop may provide a stimulating signpost to the future. The future is change. And change, as we all know, is hard.

Once the curtain was up, the runway show was amazing. FashionWare curated a fantastic showcase of designs from around the world paired with the latest innovative technology gadgets. From Diana Eng to 3lectromode to Kate Hartman’s students from OCAD, the runway show was a series of scenarios to place the designs in context. Thank you models, stylists, designers, and producers! It was a great show. Here is the proof.