Sensoree Design Lab had a fabulous time performing a keynote at Connected Health’s 11th annual Symposium – Connected Health in Practice: Engaging Patients and Providers Outside of Traditional Care Settings. 1200 industry leaders were in attendance and we had an exciting dialog, in an array of colors!

Collaborating with industry visionaries, clinical experts, patient advocates and researchers around the world, Partners’ Center for Connected Health is moving healthcare beyond the hospital and clinic into the day-to-day lives of patients. From mobile devices and social media to sensors and home robots, we are putting technology to work, establishing new ways to improve care.

15773193955_4307291e02_b15153239864_042a0d1cc9_b SENSOREE crafts therapeutic biomedia – biosensors that promote extimacy – internalized intimacy – a new form of communicating how you feel on the inside to oneself and the outside world. For our keynote, the GER Mood Sweaters were exhibited by two of our favorite contortionists. The illuminated collar shows how they are feeling during their performance. 15773193925_43a0369996_b 15153239764_703522641c_b 15587369539_e7669b85aa_b15587782458_93908c647c_bSensoree believes, the future of healthcare is giving a voice to how you feel.  15153239524_3636d1beba_bThen, the NEUROTiQ gave a brain visualizing performance. We see how she is feeling as the color of the head dress corresponds to brain state. 15749493316_072b2649f3_o 15587369119_3a89a1ebfd_b

Thank you for inviting us, Connected Health!
Thank you to the talent – Inka Siefker, Elliott Gittlesohn, and Cassandra Dandra.
Thank you to Rana Satori Designs for the new jumpsuit designs for the Moodies, so they can go upside down!