Science2day42morrow is like a science fair where adults (leading scientists!) do the presenting and kids get to wander around and be inspired!

Kristin Neidlinger gave a presentation on SENSOREE therapeutic and our design research that lead to designing wearable technology to support Sensory Processing Disorder – a condition which ranges from ADHD to Autism. Highlighted was the InflataCorset which has inflatable pressure / tactile feedback. When the wearer panics, a heart rate monitor detects increased heart rate and inflates the vest. The uniform pressure calms them down, and brings heart back to a resting rate. This is somewhat like Temple Grandin’s Hug Machine, except the InflataCorset is wearable and we are using bio-metric sensors to monitor the body.

Our new spokesperson – a girl scout volunteer – explained how the InflataCorset works: “It’s like wrapping a baby tightly. It calms them down.”

A ~10 year old boy admitted, “I could use this for my anger management problems. This could help me. You don’t want to see me get angry.” It was amazing to see his thought process, “The kids would see it inflate and warn them to stay clear and they would be relieved, since that would mean that I wasn’t going to get angry.” What a smart kid! A visual cue of emotions would communicate to others to give space.

Here the kids try touch sensors and the GER Mood Sensor.

We are inspired by these brilliant kids! Not only do they inspire new inventions, they build 120 lb robots! Thank you, Ebeth Mittmann, for co-organizing Science Today for Tomorrow with FLL (First Lego League). Ebeth is part of the FIRST robotics team, the Space Cookies, a high school group of Girl Scouts who build robots in partnership with NASA Ames Research Center. Every year, given a theme, they build a 120 lb robot in 6 weeks. We are inspired by you! Keep an eye out for these calm, aware, robot building kids!

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