Do you think you can control your moods? Let us play a game to find out!
The SENSOREE Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER) Mood Sensor, has entered gamification. The GER platform is sensory technology that detects emotions and displays mood with a palette of affective colors. The design is based on a lie detector test and is somewhat like an illuminated mood ring.
We extend a special thanks to Come Out and Play, SOMArts, and ZERO1, for hosting the Game Design Workshop 2012. During this workshop, we found the GER platform has many opportunities, like emo.twister !

You are invited to see the results in SENSOREE GER Play-formance as part of (e)MERGE: ZERO1 Street Festival.

Gamification is the art of applying game design techniques to objects. The GER illuminates expression. For play-testing, we made two GERs and tried a series of vignettes. After learning to control their own moods, the Moodies began dueling. The Moodies found how to remain calm and then how to effect the affect of the other.

Thank you to all the game designers and play-testers who participated and extended themselves to the new SENSOREE dimensions. As one play-tester summed it up, “Anything you do with the GER is fun!”

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