SENSOREE is excited to exhibit with FAB Fest 11 Digital Fashion and Wearables Showcase!  We presented the GER Mood Sweater and premiered our new piece AWE Goosebumps.


AWE Goosebumps is a biometric inflatable that animates the emotive qualities of skin. This Fashion Tech design exaggerates the internal feeling of awe and wonder with tactile interface and lights.

SENSOREE has been traveling around the globe this year exploring the universal language of emotion. This new work was conceived at an Artist in Residency at University of Twente, Netherlands, and was finished at Fab Lab Barcelona. Then, we were invited to premier the new piece at FAB11 – The 11th Fab Lab Conference and Symposium, MAKING: IMPACT, held at MIT Media Lab in Boston, Massachusetts.


AWE Goosebumps is a silicone inflatable with laser cut Kirigami skin. Kirigami is a variation of origami, but instead of folding, the paper is cut. This combination of materials invites peekaboo goosebumps.


Thank you to all the sponsors: UTwente, Netherlands and Fab Lab Barcelona !