Digital painting of Kristin Neidlinger by FEATURED 2016 ARTIST Gabriel Gutierrez

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Please join us for TEDMED 2016.

Kristin Neidlinger will be speaking and has a special treat.

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Kristin Asks:
What if wearables could reflect our innermost emotions?
More about Kristin
Kristin Neidlinger is the founder of Sensoree, wearable technology with auditory, visual and tactile displays to promote “extimacy” (externalized intimacy) and communicate the wearer’s emotions to the outside world. Sensoree was born of Kristin’s curiosity about the potential of wearable computers to enhance sensory awareness and augment Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition that ranges from ADHD to autism. With a background in dance therapy and the performing arts, Kristin works with futuristic fabrics made of sustainable materials that are embedded with sensitive technologies to enhance proximity and telepathy between human and machine. Kristin’s work has been presented globally at film festivals, fashion shows, and museums, as well as at healthcare, technology and future visionary conferences.
See you there!