You are invited to our

Interactive Inflatables Studio Workshop @ TEI Stanford


We will craft bio-responsive inflatable structures to amplify human behaviors.

Kristin Neidlinger of Sensoree and Edwin Dertien of UTwente will be co-teaching this one-day Studio. All levels. Friday, 16 January, 2015. Save the date! Space is limited. Sign up today!?@!

In this studio, we will teach methods to concept and craft unique expansive designs.

The one-day studio is organized in stages:

Introduction of materials and media: Hands-on techniques to create future materials by fusing recycled plastics into organic shaped inflatables. Intro to bio-responsive circuit with input of spacial and/or biological sensors.

Concept generation: We will explore how to be more human with technology. What would you like to expand? Ideas could amplify social, therapeutic, or emotive qualities.

Hands on making within partners: We will collaborate our ideas and skills to create unique designs.

Showcase: We will share our new inflata-fashion-installations for each other at the end.

Concept examples from our past workshop at UTwente in the Netherlands:

14486369453_983cb9ece1_h Protection: a paw fits in the pocket and inflates to protect your wallet when someone is too close. 14279609570_e0443de117_h Electonics: inflate and deflate with proximity. 14466222195_97a1566070_h Personal spaces: a skirt inflates to keep your space on the dance floor. 14465073694_4f01b6c450_h 14486369583_a5b49443cf_h   Expression: When excited a huge hand inflates ! 14279764307_2986f4b498_hcropped-TEI-head_helvetica_updated

 Space is limited. Please sign up today Interactive Inflatable Studio Workshop @ TEI !