In a theatrical collaboration, Sensoree Mood Sweaters brought light to the Dark Porch Theatre group for Swissnex San Francisco’s Tales of the Future event. Our visual emotive display illuminated the future of the past events.
mood sweater swiss 1
Happy 10th anniversary!

Tales of the Future

Our 2013 holiday party also marks swissnex San Francisco’s 10th anniversary. We’re honoring that milestone with an ode to tomorrow. Join us to imagine the New Year, the next decade, and the limitless future.

Swiss artist Grrrr (alias Ingo Giezendanner) questions the future of San Francisco and its relationship to its surroundings. Lose yourself in his live drawings as he brings a forecasted cityscape to life before our eyes—on the walls of the event space—accompanied by Swiss rapper Big Zis and electro musician High Heels Breaker.

Journey through a labyrinth and listen to the voices of Swiss and American writers tell stories of the future, curated by Peter Maravelis of City Lights and guided by the actors of the Dark Porch Theatre revealing their emotion through wearable technology created by SENSOREE. We’re also sharing the video artwork from Swiss duo Glaser/Kunz questioning temporality and the ephemeral as they relate to the notion of time.