3D printing renders itself into the fashion world. Well, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen is prompting this additive manufacturing explosion with her Escapism couture line from Paris Spring/Summer 2011.

3D printing is allowing for architectural forms to become intricate exoskeletons. Patterns that would be otherwise hand cramping, are calculated in the digital domain to create plastic structures that mimic the natural world. Iris van Herpen really harnessed the minute possibilities to create these beautiful designs! Applause!!

Escapism is about the addiction of constantly escaping reality by digital entertainment, something that nowadays is a big part of everyone’s world.”  It is a collaboration between van Herpen and architect Daniel Wildrig with production by .MGX by Materialise.

The white pieces are in polyamide and made with the selective laser sintering process. The black piece is also 3D printed in polyamide and finished in black lacquer.

Photography: © Michel Zoeter