SENSOREE presents Primal Tech -0.1 pau de deux. Each artifact from this collection is custom-aid, from silicon molded body suits to tailor fit, tyvek corsets. The garments are embedded with SENSOREE, wearable computers with sensoree technology that read and communicate the body’s inner state. This biofeedback reminds our body to realign to the temporal landscape and internal homeostasis.

Pau de deux means dance of the duet. All the designs come in a pair and exhibit new forms of communication, with another person or the spacial environment, near or far. QSSFW3

We are very excited to be collaborating with circus artists for the design process and circuit modeling. QuantumSound suits were custom-aid for contortionists. With 11 sensors, they create sound as they bend.



ChrysalisBoom is a collapsible cocoon with illuminated fabric that sequences and displays tweets.


CyberFur – movement illuminated fur also has a heart cam.


The HeartSync corsets communicate heart rate and display mood.


Please enjoy the intimate spectacle !

Photos by Gil Riego Jr.