SENSOREE design lab premiers Primal Tech -0.1 Pau de Deux in residency for Hot Couture at The Crucible, Oakland, CA.


Primal Tech -0.1 is wearable media that re-connects the body mind and Pau de deux translates to a performed duet. All designs come in a pair and we are very excited to be collaborating with circus artists for the design process. Acrobats and contortionists inspired the designs and will be circuit modeling on the runway.

The theme is “home-aid” as we hand craft electronic couture – from tyvek corsets to silicon body painted sound suits.

HeartSync photo by Stephen Lam from the SF ChronicleTweet panel dress

Our first duet is global and local. ChrysalisBoom TweetCocoon is our global design. Tweets are displayed on LED matrix panels. Her exo-skeleton cocoon is expandable and collapsible to expose the tweets or diffuse them.

Her partner wears CyberFur, a motion sensitive luminescent fur. The more she moves, the more she glows. She also wears a body mounted camera on her heart to document the view from the runway. The local audience is now on stage with us.


Our second duet creates sounds as they move. QuantumSound suits were made in collaboration with contortionists, are custom molded silicon, and embedded with flexible sensors at their joints. A healing sound artist created the tones, so the sounds also correspond to the alignment of the body mind.

Our final duet communicates heart beats to each other. The HeartSync corsets have sensors that read, display, and show when the heart beats match. Their own heart rate is illuminated on their chest, and in close proximity it picks up the others heart rate around the collar.

More details about the event:
The Crucible is bringing back Hot Couture: A Fusion of Fashion and Fire to celebrate our 14th year anniversary. Hot Couture’s fashion show will display creations from fashion designers collaborating and producing industrial fashions in partnership with artists. Hot Couture will integrate bold design, visionary fashion, and accessories. Hot couture will consist of wearable art that will be unveiled during our two night, annual anniversary event, January 11 & 12, 2013. Thirteen artist and designer teams will create as many as forty-eight haute couture concepts, illustrating the intersection between fashion, traditional industrial materials, and fabrication.
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