AWElectric was honored to be a finalist in the Reshape 17 – WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY COMPETITION – programmable skins as part of IN(3D)USTRY in Barcelona, Spain.

Thank you for the nice view of the AWElectric on exhibit with RESHAPE17. #Repost (@get_repost) ・・・ Image courtesy of @flc_22 /// We closed today the Reshape Exhibition 2017, an inspiring experience gathering together designers, entrepreneurs, educators and researchers. Reshape 17 was organized by and @in3dustry- from Needs to Solutions in partnership and collaboration with @adidas @iaac @waagsociety @openstylelab #designbydata @fabricademy #sonycsl @materfad @earchitectnews. Thanks to everyone for participating! //////// Follow Reshape at //////// #wearabletech #reshape17 #platform #community #designers #education #programmable #materials #ai #superarchitects #noumenabcn #textiles #fashion #fashiontech #tech #smartmaterials #next_top_architects #sensoree

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The AWElectric AudioTactile fabric sends the frequency to invoke goosebumps. Photo by Sensoree IMG_1204 copyThe AWElectric 3dprint inflatable fabric amplifies the feeling of awe with bioresponsive soft robotics. Photo by Federica Ciccone

Inspired by the phrase, That gave me goosebumps. Did you feel it too? The AWElectric is a duet design that animates the emotionally charged goosebumps, amplifies them, and shares the thrill. AWElectric is bioresponsive animatronic fashion that exhibits extimacy – externalized intimacy. These wearable soft robotic designs are composed of embedded fabrics with visual and tactile displays.AWElectric3dfabric-shimmerA series of biosensors visualizes breathing with a pulsing illumination. When awe is detected, 3d print Goosebump Fractal, pneumatic fabric inflates and flickers to animate the feeling. Then, AudioTactile, conductive embroidered “speaker” fabric plays the frequency to evoke goosebumps in the partner design as it tickles the skin to make hair stand on end. Share the thrill!
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Thank you RESHAPE17!