Our body speaks louder than words. Upright posture says confidence, while slouching can stop you from being heard or perhaps “getting a date…” as one RISR advocate states.
Now, there is an undergarment that hopefully that date will not notice. The RISR is a vibrating net-shirt that pairs personal coaching with wearable technology to achieve more confident body positions. With an infrared motion sensor, located on the sternum, the shirt reads others’ body language and cues the wearer how to respond accordingly.

Conversations in gestures may be carried on
which cannot be articulated into articulate speech.
– George Mead, “Mind, Self and Society,” (1934)

The 30 people testing the garment tailored their own programs, with goals from public speaking to finding love. But just to learn how to use the RISR took body basics coaching since “sensing and perceiving your body and realizing it’s own language and voice is essential,” before you can respond to this new technology. Then, after only 4 weeks of personal training with the RISR, the users got drastic results, like successful internet dates!

Introducing RISR from RISR on Vimeo.

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