Inspired by the current Government Shutdown in the USA, and modern lifes’ washing machines cycle not always on delicate, we declare a Sensoree Shutdown.

Sometimes life is overwhelming and all your senses are on overdrive. Before reacting, we invite you to enjoy sensory deprivation; pause, breathe, take a break, and focus on yourself. Take a Sensoree Shutdown and practice a new form of Extreme Self Care.

Sensoree Self Care

Traveling a lot for work at Sensoree, I am grateful for the opportunities, excited by the craft of living minimally out of a suitcase, but challenged by the changing locations and environments that put the self in a sea of flux. Over time, I have developed a protocol I know deem, Sensoree Self Care, a way to stay focused in the weathers of life. I have been sharing with more and more lately with close friends lately. Here it is for you too!

Sensoree Self Care Protocol

Here are some favorite tools to find stillness. Tune in to the insights to let your body be the boss to calm and center the mind.

1 Breathe 

Find the ease of the breath. Slowing down breathing patterns relaxes the nervous system. There are many techniques. The easiest is the Deep Breathing: Inhale 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds. Lengthen the exhale more, calms the nervous system more. Inhale 5 seconds, exhale 8 seconds. Practice a few (3-5) times a day for 1-5 minutes to create a habit you will be able to call upon when needed.

2 Exercise

Exercise one hour a day. What ever works for your body. Some people love biking, others hot yoga. Walking is good, too. Exercise wakes up your body and clears your mind. Whatever your body craves that involves moving, do it. You will notice how much better you feel after. Then, do it again tomorrow.

Bilateral movement is oppositional movement coordinating both sides of the body. It helps relax the mind and is even a tool for generating ideas. Whenever anxiety strikes, let your body take you for a walk.

3 Nest

Get cozy. Nest. Create a safe comfortable place in your home, or hotel, or your desk in the coffee shop. Create a ritual. Light candles, make an altar of meaningful tokens, get lots of pillows, organize the cups?

4 Meditation

According to a recent Harvard study, meditation can’t hurt. It can even rewire your brain.”By practicing meditation, we can play an active role in changing the brain and can increase our well-being and quality of life,” declares Britta Hölzell. Due to neuroplasticity of the brain, we can learn new tricks as we repattern old behaviors and reactions that are not serving us. You are smarter than your brain!

Try this on your body mind:
Meditation For Days You Can Barely Deal

is a Bonus Meditation from the book The Monkey is the Messenger  Meditation and What Your Busy Mind is Trying to Tell You, a recent release by psychotherapist and meditation instructor Ralph De La Rosa.


5 Laugh

Do not take life so seriously. It is a comedy show. It is your job to find the punchline.


May you find ease, stillness, and a bit of fun in your day for your own personal Sensoree Shutdown.

To be continued….


Kristin Neidlinger is the founder of Sensoree Therapeutic Biomedia, a global design studio at the forefront of emotive technology. With a background in Physical Therapies for dancers and performers, she created a Future Speculation of Healthcare from her Masters Thesis at CCA. For the past 10 years, she has been part of the 10% of women at your tech conference, outside of the 2% of women with venture funding, and part of 30% of women represented in museums. 

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