April is Stress Awareness month? Ahhh! It is almost over!! Quick, let us give you some ease techniques!

This modern world has us geared up to the fastest paces. Faced with so many pings and notifications, how do we stay centered?

With so much stimuli, we might get reactive. How do we quiet down and focus so we respond in a positive way?

Here are a few techniques to regain focus and aid the body mind connection.

  • Breathing – Quiet down and listen to your body. What are the qualities of breath? Is it rapid and shallow? Take note. Here are some techniques to use the breath to help control how your body feels. Try it out. It can change your mood from the inside out.

Try Deep Breathing to calm your nervous system.
5 second inhale and 5 second exhale.
Follow the animation.
In one minute you will notice being more calm.

deepbreathIf you need to focus, Box Breathing if helpful.
Navy Seals use this technique to calm their nerves for optimal performance.
This one is 4 counts each: inhale, hold the breath, exhale, hold the breath.boxbreath

To elevate energy, Breath of Fire if helpful.
Inhale once, pull in the belly to force out the exhale, exhale, exhale. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
Focus on the exhale. Let the inhale be a passive response.


  • Meditation – focus on the art of nothing. Clear your mind. Stop reading this! and go back to focus on breathing for a few minutes. Note that your thoughts are not you. They are like the weather, always changing. 20 minutes is ideal, but do what you can. It is nice to sneak it in whenever you can. See what works best.
  • Exercise – bilateral movement, or moving opposing sides of the body, is helpful to calm the mind.  This means alternating right, left, right, left like walking, running, crawling, or biking. At least 20 minutes is ideal.
  • Nature – being in nature or even looking at it is relaxing. In studies, hospitals have found that not only a window overlooking nature, but even an image of nature on the wall helps reduce anxiety and promote healing.
    Also, digging in the dirt and planting is therapeutic. Indoor plants are fantastic for oxygen and clean the air.
    If you cannot go the park, may we suggest, bring the park to you with Sensoree’s Moss Shoes.

Photo by Dan Brazelton

Stay healthy and centered!