Futurotextiles”, a unique exhibition that presents a sweater that can check your health, strawberry roots lace and a dress made of cellulose that grows by herself, being produced by the germs that cause the fermentation of wine, was opened on Tuesday in Timisoara, in the presence of the French ambassador in Romania, Phillipe Gustin.
The exhibition will tour Romania, this fall, at the initiative of the French Institute. September 10 to 29, it will be in the TIMCO warehouses in Timisoara and October 15 to November 22, at the National History Museum in Bucharest.

“The origins of fibers are, at times, strange. Coffee, a pebble or glycine can make a fiber, a thread of fabric. The new fibers seem to come from science-fiction directly. Interactive, intelligent, subject to various textile protective coating, starching and microcapsule techniques, they get cosmetic and therapeutic properties, there are, for example, bio-sensorial textiles, which can change certain physical conditions depending on the environment, becoming antibacterial, thermostatic, able to regulate temperature, hydrophilic or therapeutic”, Caroline David, the curator of the exhibition explained.