Worlds_Fair_Nano-7_11_16-22_previewThis year at Worlds Fair Nano in San Francisco, Sensoree had a colorful journey. Kristin Neidlinger gave a Creator Talk and lead a demo with a Doctor who focuses on Mindfulness and two audience members. None had tried the Mood Sweater design before. And Kristin did not have slides?! It was a success!




Jayshree Chander MD, MPH who runs Beyond Holistic leads a guided meditation on stage for a demo. She had never worked with Sensoree Technology before and she was shocked, “This could greatly enhance the medical industry.”


With all the new tech at World Fair Nano we wanted to meet new friends and collaborate. It was fun to run into Cinema Snowglobes. They have come a long way, and most recently from CES.

Next we tried a Virtual Reality experience of Burning Man. The Mood Sweater proved to heighten the fun as the others could view how the wearer was feeling and they would roar with laugher to match their enthusiasm.  Worlds_Fair_Nano-7_11_16-85_preview-1

Here, Justin Young changes his mood from the start to the end. He starts teal – tranquil and ends in white – ecstasy. Worlds_Fair_Nano-7_11_16-45_preview  Worlds_Fair_Nano-7_11_16-52_preview Worlds_Fair_Nano-7_11_16-58_preview IMG_3095Thank you to all who participated and to Colin Willson, our engineer and photographer!