SENSOREE Performance Lab was honored to participate in * ° S E N S O R I U M ° N I G H T ° S F ° * curated by Astraia Vivia on August 5, 2011. Her vision wove international talent into  *°☆•• •A convergence of art, technology, and consciousness• ••☆*° and *°☆•A multimedia~multi-sensory experience•☆*° That is our idea of fun!

In the pool of enhancing sensory awareness, the event bathed in meditative explorations of light & sound. The vibro-acoustic yoga floor, biofeedback & neurofeedback, and the Sera Soma A/V spa + raw food bar, got SENSOREE Performance Lab centered and ready for our Interactive Cyber Fashion Showcase with Rich DDT, a DJ and visionary of LoveTechSF.

Here, in the video by Phil Martin, is a backstage glimpse of our process. Katie is in the GER Mood Sweater and Fleeky is in the FURVER Bio.Lumen. Thank you SENSOREE team: Kristin Neidlinger – Concept Designer, Alina Van Beek – Make up artist, and Emily Gibson – Wardrobe artist.
costume shots
Next showing:
ARTUMNAL Saturday November 19, 2011

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