AWEflexo_logoAWE FLeXo is a flexible exoskeleton for therapeutic use (flexo) for increasing the healthy sensation of awe and wonder. The hexagon grid on the back of the design amplifies the psychological manifestation of awe in the form of super powered goosebumps.

The Awe Flexo further explores the inflatable forms and structures of the AWE Goosebumps design. Breathing rates are showcased externally with illuminated blue inhales and green exhales. When the wearer feels awe the pockets inflate pink to enhance the sensation and share it with others for extimacy – exhibiting internal sensations for communication. FlexoBlue flexoDlabPhotos by Gerieke ter Denge-Pluimers at the DesignLab University of TwenteFlexoAirAWE FLeXo in awe state “pink” above London. Modeled by Stefanie Ku

Kristin Neidlinger – Concept Design and Inflatables
Edwin Dertien – Robotics