THETAvision Instant Mediation accesses the mindful flow state immediately. The soft goggles turn focus inward, as the soundtrack internally aligns the creative mind.

THETAvision Instant Mediation has a soundtrack of Binaural beats that entrain, or reconfigure your current brain waves to become theta waves to create a calm, relaxed, meditative state.

The theta state is also known as drowsy sleep, the first state that one falls into during the liminal state between awake and sleep. It is often noted by the feeling of falling and the jerk of the body that returns the mind back into consciousness.

This is also legendary as the brain state where ideas come from, where the magic happens. For example, Thomas Edison developed a method of power napping to visit this state as he found it tapped deep creative thinking. He would sit in a chair with two balls in his hands. Upon dozing off he would inevitably drop a ball, which would in turn wake him up to write down the liminal ideas. THETAvision offers a futurist conduit into this mental sphere of possibilities.

Pictured above is Mindful Essen, a dining experience to dive into sensory experience and fully focus on flavor and texture. This exercise is part of the SENSOREE Gym with the goal to build awareness, achieve homeostasis, and have fun.

Kristin Neidlinger Experience Design
Defne Beyce Photography 2010