Goosebump Poof is an inflatable wearable to animate memory activated goosebumps. The future fabric is made of fused recycled plastic inflatables that responds to thoughts. When memories are evoked, the spikes stand on end, alert with emotion, and then rest when relaxed and distant.

SensoreeGoosebumpPoof3webcropThe antique keepsake lace is embedded with biosensors – therapeutic biomedia – that track mood with heart rate, excitement (GSR), and breath. They read memory states of the body systems and trigger the drone fan motor to tickle the skin and illustrate the body mind connection.SensoreeGoosebumpPoof1aweb

Also, ultraviolet light glows from within to communicate in the liminal depths of thoughts. Enhance your memories with poof!

SensoreeGoosebumpPoof5goKristin Neidlinger design
Elena Kulikova photography
Tiffany Ramirez styling
Alex Noorda model

Special thank yous to Emily Gibson , Eugenie Lacombe, Great Grandmothers’ lace, and single use plastic bags.