The SENSOREE™ NeurotiQ is a brain animating fashion that illuminates and maps brain states with color. This design debuted in 2014 and with much enthusiasm, SENSOREE design lab was commissioned to create an interactive installation.

The NeurotiQ Spa is an experiential journey for a group to embody their minds, be lead in a mindful-yoga meditation class, and then receive a visualization of brain activity as a take away.

SENSOREE™ therapeutic biomedia is technology to read the body and translate to visual and tactile languages. We worked with the Muse™ Brain Sensing Headband to identify activity levels and brainwave frequency patterns from the user’s mind. Then, we animated this information visually on the NeurotiQ headpiece.


NeurotiQ spa from SENSOREE on Vimeo.

The Journey

In the SENSOREE Spa, three participants are lead through a 10 minute mind-yoga class and then documented the dominant frequencies with the Mind Carte after the class. The five colors correspond to five alternate brain states, from a quiet mind to heightened senses.

Our 10 minute class was divided in to 2 minute segments and we calculated the top brain states during each phase. The size of circle corresponds to the time in that brain state. For example, the tune in part was body centered relaxation, and in the stimulate segment, we encouraged active cognition. The intended arc of the class, is represented by the dotted wave with the end goal to leave the class in the state of flow, the active, yet relaxed optimal brain state.


We can see that in this example, the participant quieted her mind by the end of the session by the fact that Mediation/Theta State and the Deep Sleep/Delta increased.

The NeurotiQ neurotechnology can help people identify more relaxed, meditative, and mindful states in themselves, which helps promote mental well-being.

Every body is unique! Each day your brain is different and you cultivate more awareness of these subtle internal shifts with NeurotiQ visual data. You will have insights in to how your mind performs, strengthen your capacity to understand yourself, and learn to access more flow and creativity in your life.


“I have never felt my brain before.”

“I don’t want to go back to the external world.”

“This should be in hospitals, to be used before and even during treatments.”

“Can I get a selfie?”

The SENSOREE team has come together to create this unique brain animating neuro-feedback experience. The team is organized and led by Kristin Neidlinger – biomedia concept designer and composed of a Medical Doctor specializing in mindfulness, a meditation instructor, a neuro-engineer, a hardware guru, a graphic designer, and a linguistic knitter.

Kristin Neidlinger – Biomedia Concept Designer
Dr Daniel Dinenberg – Mindful MD
Michael Pesavento – Neuroengineer
Maria Lucént –  Meditation Instructor
Kaz Nakanishi – Graphic Designer
Colin Willson – Hardware Guru
Erin O’Connor – Linguistic Knitter

Special thank you to our materials sponsor!
Muse™ Brain Sensing Headband