Prevent people from running into you!

The Inflatable Manifestation dress is based on the idea of safety glass for your body. Manifestations are spots or markings that are added to glass surfaces to prevent walking through window panes. InflatableManifestationDress_Aweb



 The dress dimensions are compliant with glass manifestation regulations with the warning heights from the floor ranging 850mm to 1600mm.


INFLATAcup_BwebThe Inflatable Manifestation dress relies on the InflataCup for optimal strength and agility. Our drone motor inflates with power and ease and is found housed in your recycled paper coffee cup.

InflataCup from SENSOREE on Vimeo.

The inflating fabric provides an extra personal space layer to help make one more visible.
Design – Kristin Neidlinger
Electronics – Edwin Dertien
Model – Inka Siefker
Photography – Eli Beitzuri