QSSFW QSSFW2QuantumSound suits create sounds from movement. These custom molded silicon suits were made in collaboration with contortionists and have a network of flexible sensors at their joints. A healing sound artist created the tones. The sounds also correspond to the alignment of the body mind.

From Healing sound artist, Stefanie Ku:

Quantum Sound is our portrayal of the quantum world where everything is linked with such complexity that we cannot begin to consciously determine the cause and the effect. It is also an experiment in actualizing a turbo-charged version of synaesthesia, the ability to see sound or hear colors, to create new connections in the audience’s minds with improbable pairings of action and sound.


We present to you via Quantum Sound an alternate world where the bending of an elbow or knee is accompanied by a modulated sample of a cheese grater in action, just as a Brazilian butterfly’s fluttering wings inextricably causes a tempest in the middle the Mongolian desert.

The Quantum Sound sample library is constructed from heavily processed field recordings of seemingly mundane everyday sounds such as elevator mechanics and kitchen tools. The samples were put through a sonic blender of wave scanning synthesis, granular synthesis, and a collection of modulators (AM, FM and rotation), chopped and diced then reconstructed into “sonal characters” acting on stage with the contortionists as they exert various depth of pressure on the eleven sensors embedded strategically throughout their silicon suits.

QuantumSound are part of our Primal Tech -0.1 series, as we craft home-aid technologies to increase embodiment.

Design concept Kristin Neidlinger
Made in collaboration with contortionists Inka Siefker and Elliott Goodwin Gittelsohn
Sound design by Stefanie Ku
Software by Greg Ames
Hardware by Anthony Asterisk
Silicon design by David Dawson
Silicon assistant Iris Beal
Sensor design sponsored by PlugandWear

photos by:Sensoree, Gil Riego Jr., Gil Riego Jr., Gusto Lopez, Stephen Lam, Sensoree