sensoreeZine2020 – the year of Breathe – a respiratory pandemic that put the globe on pause and in masks and then with “I can’t breathe” cultural uprising for equality. One thing is true, we all share the air.

Our gift to you is the Sensoree Breathe Zine with animated breathing exercises to enhance your moods. One cannot always control the external world events, but you can control your breath, and that is the key change your experience. If you are too excited, there are tricks to calm down. Conversely, if you are feeling a bit lazy, there are techniques to get fired up.

Please download our eZine pdf below and find online QR codes to access the animation tutorials. Let us know what you think or better yet, what you feel.

BreatheZineClick here: SensoreeBreatheZine

Breathe animations also found on this blog post below. Enjoy!

Best wishes,  Kristin Neidlinger & EunJi Jung

Stress Awareness Month Ease techniques