Heart Sync is a heart synchronizing game to visualize when our hearts beat as one. This heart illuminating fashion translates empathy to light.

Scientific studies show that heart beats synchronize during emotional experiences and in proximity, they also begin to mimic each other. Our hearts have the loudest electromagnetic frequency in the body. They are like speakers and communicate our moods through subtle vibrations. Also, in close proximity our hearts begin to listen and synchronize with others and beat as one.


SENSOREEs therapeutic bio.media seeks to visualize this experience with the fashion-tech duet illuminating their heart beat dialog. We worked with a trapeze duet since they are experts at timing and trust.

The speed of our heartbeat communicates our mood in subtle vibrations and we amplify this sensation with light. SENSOREE monitors individual heart rate and translates the frequency to an affective color palette on the chest. In proximity the other players hood lights up to hear the other players rhythm. When the hearts synchronize, a red and white swirl travels around the hood to show they have won the game – their hearts beat as one.


This body language might be the root of empathy. SENSOREE seeks to enhance this awareness will illuminated technology.


“You have designed the intimacy of love.”  Pastor, 2013

Live from Hot Couture

hot couture

We combined future fabrics together with a classic design. Tyvek corsets were custom made by Autumn Addame of Dark Garden Unique Corsetry and infused with SENSOREE therapeutic biomedia.

Here we see the left corset’s heart illuminated and being received/illuminated in the right’s hat.




Concept Design by Kristin Neidlinger
Engineering Chris Jeffries
Corset artistry by Autumn Addame of Dark Garden Unique Corsetry
Pannier production by Sarah of Stylisms Productions

Photos from top:
Phil Martin, Stephen Lam, Gusto Lopez, Chris Willis