The Breathing Wall responds to human presence with bio-luminescent inflatables. Inspired by sea anemones and puffer fish, this interactive installation reacts to touch and flow of movement.


Made from recycled materials; single-use plastic bags are fused together to create inflatable fabric with organic textures. Then, motion sensors connected to CPU computer fans respond to movement and begin to inflate the fabric. In this way, the interaction promotes an architectural dialog.



BreathingWallLIBawebThe Breathing Wall installation illuminates the current evolution of plastics within the aquatic environment. In the Great Plastic Islands, suspended plastic mimics and actually becomes the new sea life.



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Kristin Neidlinger concept
Emily Gibson, Kristin Neidlinger  team plastics
Erik Johnson  electronic mastermind
Thomas Lehnartz  orthopod structuralist
Emily Gibson  photography


20 July 2012  _Pretty Lights Circus FlimFlam : Automatic Circus, Live PA. SF, CA

2-4 April 2012  _Printed Electronics & Photovoltaic’s Conference & Exhibition in Berlin, Germany

29 March 2012   _NightLife Science of the Senses @ California Academy of Sciences. SF, CA

27-30 May 2011  _Lightning in a Bottle in Silverado, CA

28 January 2011 _Slayers Club + LoveTech 2 Year Anniversary. Public Works. SF, CA

31 December 2010  _SEA OF DREAMS NYE 2011. SF, CA