The InflataCorset monitors the heart rate and when the heart elevates to an excited state, the corset inflates to hug the wearer and comfort them. The uniform pressure on the torso calms the nervous system, thus returning the heart rate back to a resting rate.

The design is based on research to augment Sensory Processing Disorder — hypersensitivity which ranges from ADHD to Autism. The instant relaxation from the corset is a type of therapeutic that can be applied to many populations. The corset insures that the heart is never over excited and stays in an optimal state.

“Who said medical equipment has to be drab and boring?… Fashion can be healthy and help in keeping you fit. Heck, it can even be a life saver at times and the InflataCorset proves that. It is a lovely looking heart rate sensor-initiated inflatable corset.” -InflataCorset relaxes your heart.

above: When the corset inflates, the pressure relaxes the nervous system.
below: Heart rate racing, panic before the heart rate sensor triggers the air pump.

InflataCorset from SENSOREE on Vimeo.


Kristin Neidlinger  design concept, video direction and musical score
Katie Scarlett  talent
Jason Michelson  video and photo
Gustavo Fricke  editing