NATURA pathos line of footwear brings nature to your feet. The next time you are too busy to go the forest or park, bring nature to you! These insoles transport your body and mind to the natural world.

The organic surface is ideal for feet as it strengthens proprioceptive response, balance reactions, and enhances postural strength. Also, a wireless audio device conveys the soundtrack of footsteps and envelopes the wearer in the nature path. The tactile-audio is an efficient and natural way to focus the mind.

Shown are the Redwood Moss and River Rocks insoles with natural rubber bottom. Nature is imported from near Mendocino Headlands State Park. This area has part of the 3% left of the oldest redwood growth on the earth.

“Cosmic. I feel chills going up and down my spine.”

“I actually hear the beach.”

“Welcome to the world of nature fiction.”


Design by Kristin Neidlinger

Photos Dan Brazelton